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Welcome to the Sir Grout Franchise Blog where we discuss topics of interest pertaining to the franchise market, home services franchises, and the Sir Grout Franchise opportunity within the hard surface restoration industry.

Published April 25, 2017

The Growth of the Home Improvement Market: An Opportunity to Invest in a Sir Grout Franchise The Growth of the Home Improvement Market: An Opportunity to Invest in a Sir Grout Franchise

With the rise in the construction market, there are great signs indicating that the home improvement sector will grow as well. According to the ISFA's forecast, the home improvement market is worth about $332 billion, and consumers' expenses on home improvements will increase 3.1% compared to other years. Moreover, many homeowners like to make h...


Published March 01, 2017

Sir Grout Franchise Boomer Income Ideas Recommends Sir Grout as a Top Business Opportunity in an Exploding Home Improvement Market

On February 20th, Dan Farnsworth, CEO of Boomer Income Ideas, interviewed Tom Lindberg, CEO and Co-founder of Sir Grout, about our 5 for 1 franchise opportunity and the advantages of investing in the growing home improvement market. During the interview, both entrepreneurs talked about Sir Grout's beginnings, how we became an international franc...


Published November 30, 2016

How to Take Advantage of the Growing Island Design Trend by Joining Sir Grout How to Take Advantage of the Kitchen Island Design Trend by Joining Sir Grout

Kitchens have become the perfect place to gather with family and friends, eat snacks, do homework, and have friendly conversations. Kitchen islands are great when you need additional storage, want more space in you prepping area, or even when you want more seating options. According to a survey held by the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitc...


Published October 25, 2016

Sir Grout offers extensive training and support based on a proven method for business success Our Franchise Training and Support Provides You Everything to Run a Successful Sir Grout Franchise

One of the biggest advantages of owning a franchise is that you acquire the know-how to succeed. You get extensive details on how to do business, problems you can encounter, and how to overcome them. You also have name recognition and branding, and most importantly, you will receive training and support with proven methods that will allow you an...


Published September 30, 2016

Home Building is a Rising Industry Take Advantage of the Rising Home Building Business by Joining Sir Grout

So, you want to be your own boss, and you are looking for a new business opportunity. One of the first things you should do is check the market for well-known businesses that are easy to understand and that are always in demand, despite the economy. A great market to set your eyes on is the construction market. People will always need a new home...


Published April 18, 2016

Per Warren Buffett's Definition of a Successful Business, A Sir Grout Franchise is a Wise Investment

Investing is always the best option to make your money grow at a faster rate than it would in a savings account. It does carry some risks, but in the long term, if done correctly, it will give you a much higher return. Mastering the stock market can seem intimidating, especially if you are just starting out, but one shortcut is to learn from one...


Published January 11, 2016

Training and Support: Setting Your Franchise Up for Success Starts with a Simple Step

So, you have decided to purchase a franchise. You are tired of working towards someone else's goals, not to mention profit, and have decided you want to be your own boss. After much research, you've narrowed it down to a few companies and can't really decide which one to go for. Let me tell you why the Sir Grout Franchise is your best option. ...


Published November 18, 2015

The Do's of Starting Your Own Business

You did it! You made that first step towards deciding to be your own boss. Maybe you sat down and ran some numbers to figure out whether running your ...


Published October 13, 2015

Investments: Starting Your Own Business VS. Franchising

You finally decided that working for someone else is not for you. Maybe it was the long hours, maybe it was the lack of upward mobility, or maybe it was just a passionate hate of your supervisor or boss. Maybe it was not your decision at all -- maybe the company you worked hard...


Published May 12, 2015

Why Hard Surface Restoration Is Your Best Bet For a High ROI

Each Sir Grout franchise is an important part of our nationwide and international Sir Grout family and, just like a typical family reunion, we all come together once a year in Estero Beach, Florida for our Annual Sir Grout Meeting and Award Ceremony. What could be better than reuniting in a beautiful place with a like-minded group of individuals...

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